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Sunday, 9 June 2013

26.How do I search most effectively? How do I know which search result to follow?

Now that you know what search is, let’s get into how to search most effectively. First, you should keep in mind three simple tips before you begin searching:
·         Search terms should be simple. Describe what you’re looking for with the least possible terms. Imagine how the page you wish to find should be written.
·         Use words that may appear in the page.
·         Use descriptive and specific words. Avoid common words.
When choosing a link to follow, consider the title, the snippet and the web address. These pieces of information provide necessary clues to what you may find on the resulting page. Some common questions to ask yourself before clicking on a result:
·         Do I know the domain? (For instance:,
·         What type of domain is it? (For instance: .com, .edu, .gov, .pe, .info, etc.)
·         Does it include a symbol or name that indicates it is a personal page? (For example: %, ~, member, user)
For further reading on searching effectively, check out these lessons and recorded live trainings brought to you by Google’s Search Education team. For quick tips and tricks on searching with Google,browse through Inside Search.


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