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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Qihoo has released a new app for Android, and it is named 360 Mobile Security.360 Mobile Security is designed to protect your smartphone from malware including viruses, system vulnerabilities and privacy leaks. It provides real-time protection for not just your installed apps, but also any packages found on your phone. The developers cite that it utilizes dual-layer protection to keep malicious threats at bay using 360 QVS + cloud engine.
360 Mobile begins installation with a standard EULA menu. The first thing we noticed was how clean the process looked; Mobile Security walks you through a fancy but minimal tour that previews what 360 is all about along a lengthy vertical flow.

Despite sporting a slightly different design direction than its older PC cousin, 360 Mobile Security retains the same focus on streamlined design, paired with some subtle indicators of your mobile security status. Depending on whether your phone is secure or not, the background menu’s photo changes to reflect the state of your device.

Antivirus Scanner: This is the obvious item for every antivirus software on the market. It comes with a quick scan, and a full scan.
Antivirus Protection: 360 Mobile Security will actually monitor your device for malicious apps, acts, and messages that might contain malicious links. So as you can guess this is a very powerful antivirus and that is true, but there is more.
Vulnerability Scanner: This is the strange item, this app will scan your device for vulnerabilities found in the OS custom or from Google and protect those vulnerabilities.  I used on Jellybean 4.1.2, and it found 2 vulnerabilities, they were mostly the spam messages, and now it protects me from those.


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