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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Multi pattern X’Mas Lamp

Now you can decorate the X’Mas stars with Multi pattern lamps. The circuit of the String LED Lamp can be used to drive four 40 watts incandescent bulbs. The bulbs show the lighting pattern similar to the pattern lighting of the 4 channel string LED. The china make serial lamps circuit gives 8 pattern lighting like CombinationIn Wave, Sequential, SLO-GLO, Chasing / Flashing, Slow-Fade, Twinkle/Flash, Steady Onpatterns etc. The same circuit can be used to drive four 40-60 Watts AC bulbs to decorate X Mas stars.

The circuit is directly connected to AC lines. The circuit board of string LED is directly powered by the 230 volt AC and the chip gets DC through diode rectification and capacitor smoothing. Each string of LED is driven by a high volt SCR and its gate trigger is obtained from the Programmed chip. The most commonly used SCR is PCR 406 which is a high performance planar diffused PNPN device intended for low cost high volume applications. Its peak offset voltage is 400 volts and on state current 0.5 A.
The patterns can be automatic or can be selected through a push switch. The same circuit can directly drive four 40-60 watts bulbs to decorate the Xmas stars. All the eight patterns will be generated in the bulbs giving an elegant display.

How to connect

1.Open the circuit board box and remove the PCB.
2. There will be 5 wires on one side and 2 wires on the opposite side of PCB.
3. The 2 wires are for AC lines (Phase and Neutral).
4. Out of the 5 wires on the other side, 4 wires are for lamps Neutral and the last one for Phase.
5. Remove the wires and solder 4 colored wires for lamps and a Red wire
for Phase. Connect the neutral lines individually and connect the common phase wire to all bulbs as shown.
6. Connect 2 Red wires for Phase and Neutral.
7. Enclose the wired PCB in a shock proof case and connect the Lamps as shown in
the diagram.

8. Connect an AC plug to the wires for Phase and Neutral.

9. Do not use bulbs above 60 watts.

Caution: Shock Hazard!

The circuit is extremely dangerous since its PCB is at mains lethal potential. Do not try the circuit if you are not experienced in handling 230 volt AC. Connect the circuit to AC lines only after enclosing it in a shock proof case. Do not touch or trouble shoot when the circuit is connected to mains.


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