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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Differences Between Added Sugar and Natural Sugar

Are you curious about all the types of sugar? Are they created equally? Many sweeteners, including white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or raw sugar, are added to food as they are processed or prepared. The truth is, no matter the distinct flavor and degree, they are a pure source of carbohydrates and add calories that can lead to weight gain and poorly controlled blood sugar levels.
Avoid baked goods, candy, ice cream, soft drinks, among others since they are one of the most significant sources of added sugar around the world.
Differences Between Added Sugar and Natural Sugar
On the other hand, there are actually two forms of natural sugar; lactose, the kind found in milk, and fructose, the kind found in fruits. Both of them are purely carbohydrates as well, but from a nutritional standpoint, the food sources in which they are found have a lot more to offer, they provide important nutrients like protein, vitamin D, calcium, vitamin A and fiber; unlike added sugar that could easily be seen as empty calories.
As an additional bonus, fiber and protein take longer to digest, causing a less dramatic spike in blood sugar, making you feel fuller for longer, providing satiety value.


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